Process filter
Process filter

Process filter

With us your process medium is in good hands

HYDAC Process Technology GmbH offers a wide range of automatic self-cleaning filters, inline filters, basket strainers, gas filters as well as filter elements. With the application of HYDAC Process Filters you secure the function of your process, extend the service life of components, machines and systems. Our products are the culmination of numerous field tests, research in HYDAC's own labaratory and decades of experience. Put your trust in a professional partner with more than 40 years experience in filtration.

  • Filtration of cooling water
  • Filtration of fresh water
  • Filtration of river water
  • Filtration of seal water
  • Protective filtration before heat exchangers, pumps and nozzles
  • Filters for sewage plants
  • Filters for snow water treatment
  • Polymer melt filtration
  • ...

Water treatment
  • Pre-filtration before membrane systems
  • Pre-filtration before ozonation systems
  • Pre-filtration before UV-systems
  • ...

Ballast water & Marine
  • Pre-filtration for ballast water treatment systems
  • Filtering fuels and various lubricating oils in heavy diesel engines (for e.g. Diesel, Marine Gas Oil "MGO", Marine Diesel Oil "MDO", Heavy Fuel Oil "HFO", Pilot Fuel, Biofuel Oil, Lubricating Oil)
  • ...

Cooling lubricants
  • Filtration of cooling lubricants
  • Protective filtration on machine tools
  • High pressure coolant supply for machine tools
  • ...

Oil & Gas
  • Filtration of cooling and service water
  • Filtration of flushing water (pipeline flushing)
  • Filtration of injection water (protection of membranes and pumps)
  • Filtration of seal gas for dry gas seals on turbo compressors
  • ...
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