New Products/Brochures
November 2016

New brochures available to download online.

New Product Division Brochures

  • Oil mist separator STENO. Units for oil mist separation at lubricating oil systems
  • HYDAC Accessories. Optimum Hold with HYROFLEX

New Cooling Catalogue

  • Cooling. Product Catalogue.

New Products/Brochures
April 2016

New brochures available to download online.

New Product Division Brochure

  • HYDAC Autofilt Automatic Filters. Product Overview

New Application Brochure

  • Hydraulic Controls for Attachments

New VDHA range of indicators

Key benefits over previous design:

  • Smaller & more compact design/construction
  • Multi approval certification (by notified body) in addition to ATEX, now including IECEX, UL/CSA and TR CU
  • Higher IP ratings now IP 66 & IP 67 rated
  • GRP enclosure replaced by 316 s/stl enclosure (better suited for marine environments)
  • Lifecycle ratings (tested to over 1 million cycles at MWP & 100,000 cycles at 1.65xMWP)
  • Easy cable termination system with 360┬░ rotation of enclosure possible
  • Dual rated T4 & T6


Download PDF brochure (624 KB)

New Products/Brochures
February 2016

New brochure available to download online.

New Application Brochure

  • Precision Spreading in Slurry Technology

New Products/Brochures
November 2015

New brochures available to download online.

New Application Brochures

  • Hydraulic Cylinders for Marine Applications
  • Components, Systems and Service for Grinding Machines

New Products/Brochures
July 2015

New brochure available to download online. 

New Product Division Brochure

  • Valves and Valve Combinations for Flow Regulation

New Products/Brochures
April 2015

New catalogues available to download online.

New Cooler Catalogue

  • Cooling. Product Catalogue

New Filtration Catalogue

  • Fluid Filters. Product Catalogue

New Filter System Catalogue

  • Filter Systems. Product Catalogue

New Products/Brochures
March 2015

New brochures available to download online.

New Cooler Brochure

  • RFCS Refrigerated Fluid Chiller Systems, Rack-Mount Cooler

New Application Brochures

  • Fluid Engineering for the Automotive Industry
  • Components, Systems and Service for Mobile Power Units
  • Components, Systems and Service for Drill Rigs
  • Expertise in Components and Systems for Loader Cranes
  • HY-STEER Electro-Hydraulic Steering Systems
  • Valve Technology and Special Solutions for Transmissions on Mobile Machines
  • Hydraulic Cylinders and Cylinder Systems for Mobile Hydraulics

New Filter System Brochure

  • OXiStop OXS Vacuum-Packed: The cutting-edge, patented solution for hydraulic systems

New Process Technology Brochure

  • AutoFilt┬« RF9 Automatic Back-Flushing Filter

AITF Fixed Thermostats
September 2014

The AITF range of fixed thermostats are ideal as an electric cooling fan switch. They are suitable for a full range of applications from general hydraulics to vehicles.

The latest model now features a 40┬░ version.

Download pdf brochure (397 KB)



New Products/Brochures
September 2014

New brochures soon available to download online but if the pdf is not yet available, please contact sales(at) for a hard copy.

New Product Division Catalogues

  • Innovative Element Technology
     for installation in HYDAC Filters - Quick Selection -
  • Technical Cleanliness
  • KineSys Electric Cylinders (HEZ)
  • KineSys Variable Speed Drive DVA




Fluid Care Presentation
National Fluid Power Centre Open Day
June 2014

Innovative Power Pack Design - 
OxiStop OXS "vacuum-packed" tank design for hydraulic systems

To view a video presentation on our OxiStop Tank please click on the following link

For further information on the OxiStop tank solution please click on the link below.

Download pdf brochure (1.17MB)

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