The FLKS is a compact fluid-air cooling system with a plastic tank, circulating pump, heat exchanger and fan for cooling circuits with water-glycol or mineral oil.

The pump conveys the operating medium from the tank through the component that is to be cooled. The fluid absorbs heat from the component and then flows back to the heat exchanger, where it is returned to a cooler temperature by the air flowing from the installed fan.

  • Cost-effective and efficient cooling system
  • Sizes FLKS-1, FLKS-2, FLKS-3, FLKS-4 and FLKS-5 with plastic tank housing with integrated fan
  •  Sizes FLKS-8 and FLKS-10 for especially high performance and high flow rates
  • Energy-efficient thanks to optimized and adjusted drives and the heat being released directly to the surroundings
  • Speed-controled systems:
    The temperature of the operating fluid is controlled by adjusting the fan speed with a set difference to the ambient temperature.
    The speed control is integrated as standard for sizes FLKS-8 and FLKS-10.
Technical data:
  • Cooling capacity: up to 4.5 kW/K (ΔT10K = 45 kW)
  • Flow rate: up to 300 l/min
  • Tank content: up to 110 l
  • Cooling medium: air
  • Operating medium: water-glycol or mineral oil
Typical applications:
  • Liquid-cooled drives: motor spindles, torque motors, servo motors, linear motors
  • Inverter cooling
  • Gearbox cooling and lubrication
  • Bearing cooling
  • Tool cooling

3D models are available on request. Please get in contact with us.