Technical cleanliness is becoming increasingly important in many sectors of industry. Ever increasing demands are made on the service life of individual components and modules, not only in the automotive and automotive supplier industries, but also in gearbox and engine building, mobile hydraulics, and the manufacture of hydraulic and lubrication system components. Their technical cleanliness plays a key role in this. Through the use of component analysis devices from HYDAC, the solid contamination is dedusted from the component surface through wet sampling and conveyed per diaphragm to a later evaluation. The determination ensues in accordance with ISO 16232 and VDA 19 – Guidelines. In addition, the analysis of the particles also enables an inference of the possible source of contamination.
  • Reduction in costs as a result of less production waste
  • Identification and elimination of weak points in processes
  • Reduction of zero-km breakdowns
  • Internal and external process optimisation
  • Documentation of technical cleanliness of components