Our load-sensing directional control valves work with upstream pressure compensators for systems with constant or variable pumps. Up to ten functions can be controlled independently of each other - as long as the requested volume flow does not exceed the max. pump flow.
The types of actuation range from hand levers to hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electronic control units. Switch point monitoring sensors are also available. There are also optimized Example control spools for different applications.
The directional control valves were developed with a focus on high precision, fine control and energy efficiency. Due to the flexible structure and compact design, the directional control valves are suitable for a variety of applications.

Nominal flow rate - working pressure:
HX1         up to   70 l / min - 250 bar
LX-6        up to 180 l / min - 350 bar
  -LCX-6  up to 180 l / min - 350 bar
LX-3        up to 100 l / min - 350 bar