HYDAC can look back on decades of experience in valve technology. Over the years, the permanent expansion of the individual valve designs has resulted in an extremely extensive and complete product range that enables almost all possibilities for designing hydraulic systems - stationary or mobile. Whether directional spool valves, directional poppet valves, pressure valves, flow valves or check valves as screw-in valves, insert valves, stackable valves, subplate and in-line mounted valves - we have the right valve for your system.   HYDAC VALVES - THE RIGHT VALVE FOR EVERY APPLICATION   Due to high level of expertise and the modular design, HYDAC is the reliable partner for customer-specific requirements. HYDAC offers you comprehensive support and global local expertise.   HYDAC VALVES - YOUR ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE  
  • wide product range (fulliner for cartidge valves) and high flexibility to meet customer requirements through modular system
  • extremely high vertical range of manufacture - coils, pole tubes and valve assembly from one source
  • great know-how through decades of experience in valve technology
  • customer-specific valves especially for the respective application
  • high quality and strong performance
  • high functional reliability and stability
  • long service life with maximum performance values
  • easy integration into systems / manifold blocks
  HYDAC, the globally recognized partner for innovations and successful system solutions