HYDAC Mezzovico is focused on designing, manufacturing and providing products for use in the Heat Management of fluid systems.

Our goal is to be constantly innovative and to bring new designs and technology to the market quickly and always at a competitive price.

We are equally dedicated to high quality and high performance within our products and services.

Our customers depend on our products to be reliable and long lasting under all, even severe conditions.

We recognize that our team of staff are the basis of our success and we encourage education, study and communication as well as personal and professional working methods.

We cannot always be the cheapest supplier in the market, however we can be the best in value for money and quality of service, this is our constant target.

Honesty Statement

It is the official policy of HYDAC Mezzovico to act at all times and with all people in a completely honest way. This includes but is not limited to all correspondence whether by mail, electronic transmission or other, all verbal communication with customers, suppliers colleagues or others and all published documentation whether printed, electronic or via internet.

It is the intention of the management that all staff should fully comply with this policy and moreover take the principals to heart so that it becomes one of the guiding principal in their everyday work.

For our customers we promise to always provide them with the latest and most accurate information that we have available, further, to immediately notify them concerning any changes that come to our knowledge, which may affect them in the use or operation of the products supplied by HYDAC Mezzovico.

As part of our company philosophy, which is published in our “Mission Statement” we continuously strive for improved quality. This “Honesty Policy” is the natural and perfect partner to ensure that the both integrity and quality goals that we set for our company will be achieved.

It is the responsibility of the General Manager to ensure that the “Honesty Policy” is followed by the company and all of its employees.

Environmental and Health and Safety policies

HYDAC Mezzovico is committed to protect the environment within the company’s operation, through continuous improvement by constantly seeking improvements in environmental protection, health and safety for our products and operations.

This is part of the commitment to preserve and improve the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers and neighbours.

The development and implementation of this policy is a commitment of HYDAC Mezzovico Management and a shared responsibility with our employees.

The following principles are a fundamental part of the company’s policy:

• Comply with environmental, health and safety laws and regulations along with the implementation of programs that exceed regulatory requirements.
• Consider environmental impacts as essential when evaluating new projects, products and operations.
• To create and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
• Encourage conservation of energy, water, and natural resources through increased efficiency and the introduction of new technology.
• To help employees better understand environmental issues and the company's commitment to implementing policies and programs to conserve and improve the environment..

HYDAC Mezzovico ensures that the environmental policy is clearly communicated, understood and implemented within all levels in the organisation. The General Manager shall take these policies into consideration when defining objectives and divisions for HYDAC Mezzovico.

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