Maintenance and calibration for Contamination Test Unit CTU & Contamination Test Module CTM

With the extraction units of the ContaminationTest Unit CTU and ContaminationTest Module CTM series from HYDAC, you are ideally positioned to analyze the technical cleanliness of components in accordance with directive VDA 19 (ISO 16232 or 18413).

Within the framework of the maintenance intervals, we offer the following in-house service:
In-house calibration, adjustment and function test of the extraction unit.

By performing this service, you are ensuring

  • the preservation of reliable function
  • The reproducibility of the extraction / repeatability of the component investigations
  • safe operation of devices
  • documented testing / verification of component investigation / cleanliness audit

This is carried out by authorized HYDAC specialist personnel.
Please refer to the overview in the PDF file for the scope of our service offer.

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