HYDAC AutoFilt® for component protection in irrigation systems

Application description

Irrigation is defined as the supply of agricultural crops with water. It is used to promote the growth of plants as well as to replace the missing rain, thus increasing the performance potential of agricultural crops. In modern agriculture and against the background of climate change in association with the extreme weather conditions the modern irrigation technology is becoming increasingly important worldwide.

Advantages HYDAC solution:

  • Self‐cleaning system
  • Fully automatic function
  • Efficient and reliable separation of solids
  • Patented conical element geometry provides more efficiency
  • Minimal back‐flushing volume
  • Reduced costs for operation and maintenance
  • Compact design – ideal for retrofitting
  • Variable housing configuration
  • Ready‐to‐operate unit

Why filtration is essential!

The water used for irrigation derives from various water sources such as wells, water recovery systems, sea water or river water. Depending on the water source the irrigation source regularly contains impurities such as algae, mud, sand, sediment or silt.

This could cause severe consequences:

  • Failure of valves
  • Failure of pump
  • Clogging of nozzles
  • Deterioration of the system performance to complete system failure

Your benefits by using an automatic back-flushing filter from HYDAC

In the process technology AutoFilt® automatic back‐flushing filters have been highly successful in order to ensure an efficient operation of the whole system. They convince with their flow‐optimized design. Compared to the competition, HYDAC backflushing filters distinguished in particular by their conical filter element geometry. This allows an even flow, optimum filtration and an unbeatable "ideal" filtration and back‐flushing characteristic. Thanks to the automatic back‐flushing the filter is cleaned independently without interrupting the ongoing filtration operation. Their robust design ‐ specially developed for retrofitting ‐ makes installation in both existing and new systems fast and  cost‐effective.