HYDAC Process Filters in the Paper Industry

Process inline filter PFM(D) PFH(D) for dosing auxiliary materials

Modern paper machines are designed to raise efficiency and save resources. This principle is also true of the dosing systems installed in paper machines. The main focus here is precise dosing of auxiliary materials, such as sizing or retention agents, for the paper manufacturing process.


To ensure the efficiency and performance of the dosing system, it is essential to use efficient filter solutions. They serve to protect valuable system components and to improve the quality and cleanliness properties of the supplied auxiliary materials. This contributes to the smooth functioning of the overall system in the long term and an increased quality of the produced paper.

HYDAC solution 

Process line filters of the type PFM / PFH (individual filters) or PFMD / PFHD (switchable double filters) are used. 
They are suitable for separating contaminants from media with low and high viscosity levels. Various sizes and sealing materials allow the filter to be optimally adapted to specific application conditions. Depending on the required cleanliness level, stainless steel filter elements made of Chemicron® (metal fibre fleece), wire mesh in star-folded versions or slotted tubes can be used. Contamination monitoring of the filter elements can be carried out by means of a contamination indicator (differential pressure monitoring) mounted on the filter. The filter elements are flooded from the outside to the inside. They can be regenerated several times, which saves disposal and replacement costs.

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