HYDAC Process Filters for Desalination of Seawater

AutoFilt® self-cleaning automatic filters for the MSF method (multi-stage flash)

Multi-stage-flash distillation is one of the most common global methods for desalinating seawater. The water extracted from this process is used particularly in industrial or power plants. It is a thermal method in which seawater is fed in and heated with warmth from a power station (e.g. steam from a power station turbine). The heated salt water evaporates in downstream distillation stages in a vacuum; the steam produced here condenses within the downstream stages in pipes filled with coolant and salt-free water can be removed. As a result of the continually rising demand for water, as well as the overuse of resources, such as ground water, water purification via desalination plants is gaining more and more importance worldwide. 

Challenge & HYDAC solution 

The MSF method is, like other industrial water purification procedures, a multi-stage process. However, there is potential for cost reduction particularly in the pre- and protective filtration of raw and process water. Effective retention of solids (organic / inorganic) makes a significant difference to downstream stages and extends the service life of downstream components. Furthermore, the operating and maintenance costs are reduced in the long term (e.g. longer maintenance intervals or savings on water chemicals).

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