AutoFilt® RF10 for ballast water applications - the revolution of the automatic back-flushing filter

A few years ago – when many ballast water treatment systems were still in their infancy – the focus for filtration was almost exclusively on filtration rating. Since then, other issues such as operational reliability, a high level of filter availability at low operating pressures, optimum process integration, customised filter design, robust element technology and easy maintenance design with minimum footprint have gradually and increasingly edged into the consciousness of system developers and end users. This complex marine application provided the opportunity to develop a new automatic filter technology which is virtually tailormade for this application, taking as its foundation the conventional back-flushing filter technology which has already proved so successful in this application. The development of the new AutoFilt® RF10, resulted not only in a new type of filter for ballast water filtration, but at the same time in a new technology.

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