AS 1000

The AquaSensor AS 1000 is the further development of the proven AS 2000 series for the online detection of water in oils, particularly as an OEM sensor for condition monitoring (Fluid Condition Monitoring). It records the percentage of water relative to the saturation concentration and transmits this saturation level as a 4 … 20 mA signal. At the same time, the AS 1000 measures the temperature of the fluid and transmits this as a 4 … 20 mA signal as well The AS 1000 thus enables a continuous monitoring of hydraulic and lubrication oils; precise, permanent and online.
  • Saturation level: 0 … 100%
  • Temperature: -25 … 100°C
  • Reliable due to its compact and robust design
  • Inexpensive sensor, also for series utilisation
  • Not necessary to calibrate to different types of oil
  • Pressure-resistant, even with pulsations
  • Wide fluid temperature range
  • Early recognition of water problems, resulting in avoidance of disruptions and unnecessary operations interruptions