MCS 1000

The MetallicContamination Sensor MCS 1000 is used for recording metallic solid particle contamination in lubrication fluids. The particles are determined in accordance with the inductive measurement procedure, whereby a coil system forms the core of the sensor. Metallic (ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic) particles in the size range of >200 µm. The MCS 1000 is used for the continuous status monitoring of the system and sheds light on imminent damage. The sensor thus represents a dependable instrument for condition based maintenance. Application in transmissions in wind power plants, for monitoring large transmissions (ship transmissions, transmissions in stationary and mobile hydraulics) and at testing facilities.
  • Measurement of metallic (ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic) particles:
    - Ferromagnetic (Fe) particles: >200 μm
    - Non-ferromagnetic (nFe) particles: >400 μm
  • Flow rate: 10 ... 200 l/min
  • Operating pressure: max. 20 bar
  • Early detection of signs of gear damage
  • Avoidance of expensive system breakdowns
  • Optimal supplement for optical sensors
  • Simple integration of the sensor in the system through availability of different adapters