The fascination of hydraulics
The fascination of hydraulics

Experience the fascination of hydraulics - make big things move with small components, subsystems, systems and services!

HYDAC solutions can be found in many areas of industrial and mobile hydraulics. HYDAC solutions cool and lubricate gears in wind turbines, work in the tensioning hydraulics of modern machine tools, cushion the cabs on agricultural machinery, support the working hydraulics of excavators, and inspect and test the loading capacity of wings on wide-bodied aircraft.

What's so fascinating about that? Our areas of operation are just as wide-ranging as are the tasks and requirements in hydraulics! And the work of each and every employee counts, whether it be in Production, Sales, Development & Design or in the business sector.

Together with the best-trained technicians and masters and with enthusiastic engineers and economics engineers, we implement creative individual solutions for our customers and ensure at the same time not only the high quality standard of our products but also our wide-ranging expertise in the individual business sectors of the HYDAC Group. In addition to our hydraulics experts, highly qualified specialists from the areas of Logistics and Materials Management, Business Administration and Information Management in important interface positions secure our top position in the various sectors of hydraulics! Have a look at our current Job vacancies.

Job vacancies

Here you will find our current Job vacancies!

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