Co-operative studies
Co-operative studies

Co-operative studies

Studying and working, a combination which pays off in many different ways!

You would like to take up a course of study, can demonstrate good scholastic performance, have possibly completed a vocational training course?

We offer interested, high-potential individuals a limited number of trainee positions in various study courses.

You work a contractually stipulated number of hours per year in our company.

We pay you a fixed monthly salary.

Study courses

We provide traineeships for students in the following study courses: 

  • Mechanical engineering:
  • Electrotechnology
  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial engineering
  • Business administration
  • Information technology

Procedure of studies


  • You attend the lectures and seminars of your course of study as usual.
  • In addition, you work for 30 hours per month during the ongoing semester and 35 hours per week for an additional 10 weeks during semester breaks, for a total of 590 hours of work at our company per year.
  • You carry out the practical phase of your studies as well as your thesis work at our company.



  • You can put the theoretical knowledge you have from your studies to use in operative practice.
  • You can familiarize yourself with operations during your studies and become integrated at a very early stage, so that an early bond develops.
  • You receive a fixed monthly salary based on the trainee allowance which is oriented to the wage scale of the metal and electrical industry in the Saarland.


The entry into the co-operative Study course is basically possible at any time and is not tied to the time studies begin.

A tip from us:
Start with your studies and send in your application along with your first transcripts if you think that you both can and want to achieve even more.

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