Offers connected with university studies
Offers connected with university studies

Offers connected with university studies

You would like to take up study at a university and require a pre-study industrial practical?

You are looking for a partner in industry for practical experience during your university studies?

We make the "Practice" area of learning available to you, offering interesting projects and competent supervision on-site.

Pre-study industrial work placements

We at HYDAC are always anxious to support young women and men in finding their way into a study course.

In view of the technical character of our company, we are mainly able to make traineeships available for students just starting out in the following fields of studies:

  • Mechanical engineering:
  • Electrotechnology
  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial engineering
  • Business administration


In order to determine whether we will be able to offer you a suitable traineeship position, we first need your detailed application.

Note: As a basic rule, you should apply as early as possible.

Diploma, Bachelor's or Master's thesis

Those given an optimum assignment can be really good! HYDAC emphasizes innovation - and does so company-wide.

New and interesting questions come up constantly which students can work on as a research project during an internship year or in the context of a thesis.

The path to a promising collaboration proceeds as follows:  

You send us your detailed application, which should also contain without fail your expectations and objectives with respect to your employment and/or later area of activity.

We check your application documents and are at pains to offer you a position which matches your suitability profile on the one hand and your wishes and expectations on the other, whereby competent contact persons will define with you objectives and projects in the respective area of activity.

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