Working in the HYDAC Group
Working in the HYDAC Group

Working in the HYDAC Group

Challenge, personal development and profit.

Who works at our company?

As a family-owned company with headquarters in Saarland, many people in the region have been working for us for many years - skilled craftsmen as well as university graduates. In addition, HYDAC has become an attractive employer for specialist and management personnel from all over Germany.

Trainees, apprentices and people starting out in their careers profit from the expertise of our many employees of long years' standing in a wide variety of business sectors, and these experienced employees in turn profit from ideas brought in by their new colleagues. This way, existing products and processes are continuously questioned and improved and form the basis for innovation and creativity.

What it is about us that is special?

Working at HYDAC is distinguished not just by the variety of our products, but rather also by a varied and thus sophisticated, very dynamic working environment in an international context. In comprehensible, decentralized organizational units, we offer flat hierarchies, small teams and above all structuring freedom, so that every employee quickly takes on responsibility from the very start. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting are therefore as much in demand as team spirit and flexibility.

As a member of the Verband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie des Saarlandes e.V. (Association of the Metal and Electrotechnology for Saarland), we offer our employees working relationships based on wage tariff agreements and guarantee a salary commensurate with performance. The basis for our success are our employees, who consistently further themselves through targeted specialist seminars on the basic principles of and specialist professional knowledge about hydraulics.

The in-house training centers impart both fundamental knowledge and special expertise with respect to hydraulics to our staff by means of target group-oriented specialist seminars. In addition, we secure our own specific specialist know-how through comprehensive training programs for the up-and-coming generations on the workforce. Our commitment to the education of young individuals extends even further: in co-operation with, among others, the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft [(HTW) Saarland University of Applied Sciences], we carry out research work at our own Chair for Fluid Technology and offer committed students the opportunity of gaining insights into the world of hydraulics and to profit from professionals.

Any questions?

Are applications from specialists and managers in demand?

Yes, the competence of specialists from technical and business management sectors with professional experience is in demand with us. Applications from assertive, success-oriented manager personalities with corresponding technical expertise are also most welcome.

What opportunities exist for further training?

At our in-house training centre as well as through supplementary external further training opportunities, we offer our employees not only specialist seminars but also ones which transcend departmental boundaries, which then support and promote them in the accomplishment of their responsible duties.

What career opportunities exist?

One the one hand, the entry into the HYDAC Group is a unique chance for broadening and deepening one's own specialist competence on the basis of various and comprehensive areas of responsibility. On the other hand, it is possible within the corporate group to apply for positions which need to be newly filled, or to assume interdepartmental project responsibility for areas covering a very wide array of topics.

Who is eligible to apply?

In principle, anyone who feels comfortable in an international context, who brings with them an affinity for our highly specialized technical product world and who regards flexibility, autonomous action and team spirit to be a challenge. From school-leavers, students and graduates, all the way to specialist and management personnel, everyone is welcome. Intercultural competence and personal experience in multicultural project teams is also in demand at all times and facilitates entry into the HYDAC Group.

What is the best way to apply to HYDAC?

Ideally, you will have found a job vacancy which matches your qualifications. Use our online portal for your application or send us your detailed application documents per E-mail in digital form in a PDF file. You haven't found a job position which fits? Then use your initiative and send us an application to convince us of your professional qualifications profile and of your willingness to learn and contribute.

How does one go about applying to the HYDAC overseas affiliates?

In the event of open positions overseas, please apply directly to the specified contact persons at the pertinent overseas affiliate in the language of the respective country or in English.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions which you would like to have clarified personally, then please get in touch with our contacts, who you will find under Contact.

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