The Purchasing department in the HYDAC Group is both centralized and decentralized with the aim of integrating the procurement function into the respective business processes in the best way.


The Central purchasing department undertakes the management and coordination of the decentralized procurement units and organises the implementation of actions and measures within the framework of procurement management for the whole HYDAC Group.


It is also responsible for the development of methods and standards and for setting targets for the decentralized purchasing units.


The Central purchasing department is responsible in the Hydac Group for purchasing the following goods and services:

Investments and services, capital equipment, maintenance, consumables and fuels.


The decentralized purchasing areas undertake the procurement of products which are used in production of the respective division.


Our procurement is worldwide and is just as important for our competitiveness in the international markets in which we operate as the market-orientated manufacturing of our Hydac products.

Purchasing in the Hydac Group takes into account world market conditions and the demands made on our products, such as:


  • Quality
  • Competitive price
  • Delivery/lead times
  • Service
  • Customer consultation
  • Innovation
  • Technology orientation
  • Proximity to the customer


These demands and their rapid implementation form the basis of our business and influence the activity of each individual member of staff in Purchasing.