The HYDAC products for process technology, thanks to their high quality, contribute to ensuring proper functioning and prolong the service life of components, systems and machines to a considerable extent. The products presented here are the culmination of numerous field tests, the research carried out in the HYDAC Group's own laboratories and decades of experience in process technology.

Automatic back-flushing filter

HYDAC AutoFilt® self-cleaning back-flushing filters are automatic filters for industry and technology. They ensure the purity of water, coolants, lubricants and other low-viscosity fluids. The AutoFilt® range of filters is highly versatile and adaptable and is best suited for retrofitting in existing systems.

  • Temperatures up to 90 °C
  • Pressures up to 350 bar
  • Filtration ratings from 1 µm to 10000 µm
  • Flow rates up to 10000 m3/h

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Inline filter

HYDAC Process inline filters are designed for the toughest applications in process technology. They allow solid particles of all kinds to be removed effectively. A large variety of sizes and filter materials allows optimum adjustment to suit the particular filtration task and process conditions.

  • Temperatures up to 400 °C
  • Pressures up to 1000 bar
  • Filtration ratings from 1 µm (absolute) to 10,000 µm
  • Flow rates up to 3,600 m3/h

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Gas filter

Fluid or particulate contaminations of gas can significantly impair the service life of major components of systems and plants. This can result in costly maintenance and repair work, or even complete downtime. Our product portfolio comprises particle filters, coalescence filters, pre-separators and filter element technology.

  • Temperatures from -49 °C to +235 °C
  • Pressures up to 1,050 bar
  • Filtration ratings from 0.1 µm (absolute) to 1000 µm

Filter element technology

  • Suitable for low to high-viscosity media (polymer melts, acids, alkalis, water, superheated steam, gas)
  • Filter materials: Chemicron® metal fleece, wire mesh or mesh combination
  • Size and connections according to customer's specification
  • Differential pressure up to 210 bar
  • High contamination retention capacity
  • High porosity up to 90%

Oil service units

Mobile filter-pump units for filling, flushing and off-line filtration. Can be used during commissioning, oil changes and maintenance work.

Measuring technology and sensor systems

Sensor systems tailored to applications in pressure, temperature, filling level, flow rate and
oil condition; special electronic 4-way pressure switch with TÜV certification
Also available with TÜV certificate for applications in safety-related controls (TRD 421); devices for switching, monitoring and controlling; multifunction portable data recorders.


  • Monitoring and control for bypass valve safety functions with type approval and certified to TRD 421.
  • Combined supply of lubricating, pressurized seal oil and control oil with a turbo compressor in a cracking system.


Bladder accumulators, diaphragm accumulators and piston accumulators for shock absorption, pulsation damping, energy storage, volume compensation and media separation.

Bladder accumulator stations

With monitoring devices up to 550 bar, e.g. for safety controls 


For actuating butterfly valves, gate valves, gas flow diverters etc.; force up to 750 kN, stroke up to 1,000 mm, speed 50 mm/sec, accumulator size up to 50 l.


  • Stainless steel ball valves: To shut off gases, chemicals, paints, water etc.; operating pressure up to maximum 500 bar, sizes 4 - 200.
  • HY-ROS Mounting Systems: an extensive range of clamps for mounting pipes, hoses and components.
  • Connection systems, test points and quick release couplings.


On the basis of national and international quality standards, system and product approvals, HYDAC Process Technology guarantees that the products and services are manufactured and supplied in accordance with relevant standards.