Screw-type coupling
Screw-type coupling

Screw-type coupling

Screw couplings of the HS series are coupled by simply screwing the socket and plug together until the stop is reached. Because of the construction design, the two valves are opened "stacked" in this position. As a result and because of their robust construction, they are particularly suitable for the difficult utilisation conditions in the construction machinery sector. Screw couplings can be coupled under pressure with up to a maximum of 50 bar on both sides. The self-locking connection thread prevents a loosening of the screw connection by vibrations. The screw sleeve of the plug must cover the black braking ring of the socket when the locking is carried out correctly. The balanced product range offers a wide array of couplings for construction machines and vehicle hydraulics and for the agricultural machinery sector. Thanks to their modular design, a large number of connections are available which are in compliance with international standards.
Series HS04 HS08 HS10 HS12 HS20 HS25
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