Emissions directives are raising the standards for diesel fuels. As a consequence, suppliers must guarantee that there is less contamination and lower
water content in their fuels. The increasing percentage of biodiesel has the additional effect that existing systems must be retrofitted with diesel conditioning systems.

In order to meet the requirements, it is not sufficient to condition the diesel just prior to usage in the machine. The fuel must be filtered and dewatered at every stage of the transport chain – from production in the refinery to the end user.
To comply with the  high quality requirements it is essential to monitor particle contamination and water content.
Innovative solution in solid design.

Your first choice for mobile working machines and utility vehicles which are operated in the harshest of conditions: HYDAC Diesel PreCare and HYDAC Diesel MainCare.
In order to secure disruption-free operation of vehicles and to protect all of the components of the motor against damage, optimum preparation of the diesel fuel is of particular importance. With its new filter concepts Diesel PreCare and Diesel MainCare, HYDAC offers trend-setting systems for diesel filtration protecting vehicle manufacturers and operators against operations disruptions, downtimes and premature service calls.

In addition to the on-board products for smaller diesel quantities on machines, equipment is also available for larger flows. This is used during transport between different storage depots, on fuel stations and when transferring to the engine.