Optimicron® Power

The new, application-specific filter elements, Optimicron® Power, convince with increased resistance, safety and an especially low pressure drop. They are characterized by a compact design and enable a homogenous flow of the fluid thanks to the innovative filter mesh pack.

The integrated Stat-Free® technology also contributes to an increased operating safety, as a charge formation on the filter element can be avoided. Therefore, the oil service life is significantly expanded.

Optimicron® Power elements are designed to meet the the requirements of the API 614 standards.  

  • Optimised for applications in power plants (turbine lubrication) and rotating machinery
  • Micron ratings: 5, 10, 20 µm
  • Including Stat-Free® Technology
  • Absolute filtration
  • Compatible with all common operating fluids
  • Innovative outer wrap with improved diffusor effect
  • Possible use in applications subject to API Standard 614 / ISO 10438
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