The AC-M series with DC motor has been specially developed for mobile applications (hydraulic systems) where high performance is required combined with compact design and easy installation.

  • Improved corrosion protection due to plastic fan housing and shroud
  • The cooling element is equipped with a bypass channel as standard,
    this allows the IBP pressure bypass valve or the IBT thermal pressure bypass valve to be easily retrofitted
  • Simple and flexible fixation design
  • Choose between 2 different air fins for higher cooling capacity or lower susceptibility to contamination


  • Sizes: AC-M1, AC-M2L, AC-M2, AC-M3, AC-M4
    Performance ranges deviating from this can still be covered by the proven OK-ELD series.
  • Fluids: mineral oil, water-glycol, DI-water-glycol
  • DC motor: 12 V or 24 V
  • Heat dissipation: up to 0,48 kW/K @ 210 l/min
  • Optional with electronic speed control (ESC), integrated pressure bypass valve or thermal pressure bypass valve (IBP / IBT), thermostat or Vibration dampers  

ESC (Electronic Speed Control)

With the electronic speed control (ESC) it is possible to control the fan speed continuously depending on the media temperature. This ensures that the fan speed is precisely matched to the required cooling capacity and that the media temperature remains constant. An additional reversing function allows the cooler to be cleaned of dirt, dust and deposits.

Typical applications

  • Mobile cranes
  • Concrete pumps
  • Drilling rigs
  • Roadworking machines
  • Construction machines
  • Agricultural machines
  • Municipal machines
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