HMG 2500

HMG 2500
HMG 2500

The HMG 2500 is an impressive, top performance portable measuring and data logging device.

Automated setting procedures, a simple, self-explanatory operator guide and many comprehensive functions ensure the operator is able to carry out a wide range of measuring tasks within a very short time.  

This makes the HMG 2500 an ideal companion for employees in maintenance, commissioning and service.

The device is designed primarily to record pressure, temperature and flow rate values which are the standard variables in hydraulics and pneumatics.
For this purpose, special sensors are available. HMG 2500 recognises the measured value, measuring range and the unit of these sensors and automatically carries out the basic device settings accordingly.

In addition to this, the HMG 2500 has a digital input, i.e. for frequency or speed measurement, as well as a virtual measuring channel for the measurement of difference or performance.

Due to the wide range of functions and its simple handling, the HMG 2500 is just as appropriate for users who take measurements only occasionally as it is for professionals for whom measuring and documentation are routine.

The update capability of the HMG 2500 ensures that the user can benefit from future upgrades of the device software.

  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Practical, robust design
  • Large, full-graphics colour display
  • Quick and independent basic setting of the units by the use of automatic sensor recognition
  • Up to 4 sensors can be connected simultaneously
  • Up to 32 measurement channels can be depicted simultaneously
  • Measurement rates up to 0.1 ms
  • Very large data memory for archiving measurement curves
  • Various measurement modes:
                    -   Measuring
                    -   Fast curve recording
                    -   Long term measurements
  • 2 independent triggers, can be linked logically
  • Simple sensor connection by means of M12x1 push-pull connector
  • PC connection
                   -   USB
                   -   RS 232
  • Convenient visualisation, archiving and data processing using the HMGWIN and CMWIN software supplied