HMG 500

Available versions:

The HMG 500 is a mobile, handy measuring device for simple measurement tasks in fluid technology, e.g. hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication technology, process technology or refrigeration and air-conditioning technology. Up to two sensors with HYDAC Sensor Interface (HSI), for example for measuring pressure, temperature or flow rate, can be connected (exception: SAMART sensors). The HMG 500 recognises these sensors fully automatically and undertakes all of the necessary basic device settings on its own. The measured values and the associated physical unit are depicted on an LCD display in convenient size. In addition, the HMG 500 offers a multitude of additional advantages, e.g. in comparison with pressure measurements on machines and plants using mechanical manometers. The user profits from a technology-related high measurement accuracy and measuring dynamic. The HMG 500 determines the measurement values with a very high scanning rate and can thereby as a result, for example, record and display pressure peaks in the maximum value accumulator or rapid pressure reliefs in the minimum value accumulator. Furthermore, differential measurements can be carried out with two similar sensors in order, for example, to evaluate pressure drops or temperature differentials. The HMG 500 offers a function for the precise and safe setting of mechanical pressure and temperature switches for the purpose of expanding the range of applications. Thanks to its compactness, simplicity and versatility, the HMG 500 is be recommended as a valuable companion for employees in maintenance, commissioning and service.
  • Mobile 2-channel portable data recorder
  • Simple and user-friendly key operation
  • Large LCD display including battery status display
  • 2 sensor inputs, automatic sensor detection
  • Measurement range and unit of the connected sensors are detected automatically.
  • Taring of the individual measurement channels
  • Display of the current measurement value
  • Display of the difference (channel A-B)
  • Minimum or maximum value recording, with reset function
  • Adjustment aid for mechanical pressure and temperature switches