HNS 3000

HNS 3000

The HNS 3000 is an electronic level switch with integrated display. The float-based sensor for high-precision analogue monitoring of the fluid level has 1,2 or 4 switching outputs and an analogue output signal is available as an option.

In addition to the standard minimum and maximum switching signals, with the 4 switching output version it is possible to set additional warning signals to prevent problems such as tank overflow or aeration of the pump.

The main applications of the HNs 3000 are primarily in hydraulics, e.g. for fluid level monitoring of a tank.

The sensor is available in rod lengths of 250...730mm as standard. Rod length of up to 2500 mm is possible. The instrument is also available with or without temperature probe.

Depending on the application, several different floats are available, e.g. stainless steel for aggressive media or plastic


- 1, 2 or 4 independent PNP transistor switching outputs


- Free assignment of the switching outputs to the measured variables

- Switching and reset points independently adjustable

- Optional switchable analog Output

- 4-digit digital Display