HLT 2000

Available versions:

The sensor works on the principle of magnetostriction.
The measurement principle for high-precision determination of the position, of the path and/or also of a velocity signal based on a runtime measurement, if necessary. On the basis of this non-contact and wear-free functioning measurement system, HYDAC offers the following versions:
  • In pressure-proof stainless steel pipe housing for direction installation in hydraulic cylinders.
  • In aluminium profile housing with measurement slots fitted on the outside or with a loose magnet to be guided by the user himself.
The various output signals (analogue/digital) enable the connection to all measurement and control devices of HYDAC ELECTRONIC GmbH and the linkage to commercially available evaluation systems (e.g. SPS controls). The main areas of application are in the industrial stationary area.
  • Accuracy ±0.05% FS type.
  • Very robust housing cell
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Excellent EMC characteristics
  • Non-contact and wear-free
  • Convincing price/benefit ratio