HLS 100

Customer-specific OEM product for large series
(For ordering quantities starting with 100 units)
The position switch series HLS 100 has been specifically developed to detect the limit position of safety oriented devices on mobile machinery. The switches are designed for continuous use in safety circuits / safety functions in the context of the functional safety of machines up to SIL 2 (IEC 61508)
and/or PL d (ISO 13849).
The HLS 100 is composed of two parts: the sensor magnets and the sensor component.
With the aid of two Hall effect sensors in the sensor component, it detects the defined position (limit position) of the magnets and sends the switching status "ON" when this this position is detected, and otherwise sends the switching status "OFF".
The switching status is output as a permanent PWM signal. During stable normal operation, the position switch cyclically performs internal diagnostic steps, which identify systematic and random errors.
As a result, any errors that occur are detected immediately. The output signal is then deactivated completely and the sensor is restarted.
  • Compact Compact design
  • Robust housing suitable for mobile applications
  • High operating temperature range
  • PWM output
  • IP 67 male connector
  • SIL 2 / PL d certification
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