Available versions:

  • Standard
  • IO-Link
  • CANopen
The HYDACLab® HLB 1400 is a multifunctional sensor for online condition recording of standard and biological oils in stationary and mobile applications.   A statement can be made about the condition of an oil, e.g. ageing or mixing with foreign fluids, on the basis of the measured values for the relative change of the dielectricity constant, the relative humidity and the temperature. The measured values as both sequential analogue signal and switching signal (e.g. warning, alarm) are available at the electrical output of the HYDACLab®.   The measurement values can be depicted on various HYDAC display and measurement devices.     
  • Online condition recording of oils
  • Utilisation in stationary and mobile applications possible
  • Output signal for:
    - Saturation level
    - Temperature
    - Change of electric conductivity
    - Change of dielectric constant  
  • Compact design
  • Simple cartridge mounting