HDA 8700
HDA 8700

HDA 8700

Customer-specific OEM product for large series
(For ordering quantities starting with 500 units)

The pressure transducer series HDA 8700 was specially developed for series utilisation, e.g. in mobile applications. As is the case with most of our pressure transducer series, the HDA 8700 is based on a robust, long-life thin-film sensor. All of the parts which get in contact with media (sensor and pressure connection) are made of stainless steel and are welded together with one another. This means that there are no sealing points in the interior of the sensor. The possibility of leakage is excluded.
The pressure transducers are available in various pressure ranges from 0 ... 40 bar to 0 ... 600 bar. Standard analogue output signals are available for integration in modern control systems, e.g. 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 5 V, 1 ... 6 V or 0 ... 10 V. Ratiometric output signals are also obtainable.
Different connection plugs integrated in the device are available for the electrical connection.

A basic accuracy of ± 0.25% FS type, combined with a low temperature drift, open up a wide range of applications for the HDA 8700.
For precise specifications, please contact our HYDAC ELECTRONIC Sales.

  • Accuracy ±0.25% FS type.
  • Measurement ranges: between 0 .. 40 bar and 0 .. 600 bar
  • Outstanding data with respect to temperature influence and EMC
  • Very compact design
  • ECE type authorisation (street authorisation´)
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