The powerful PC software HFI-CM-Startup (HYDAC Frequency Inverter - Cabinet Mounted) offers many possibilities for quick commissioning and optimization of KineSys drive systems.

Via the dialog-guided commissioning with graphical support of drives, the setting of the electromechanical or hydraulic system is significantly simplified. A parameterization of the motor is possible via the electronic nameplate.

Series commissioning can be done using a commissioning file. This leads to significant time savings in series projects. The software is complemented by practical and intuitive diagnostic tools.

Software-HFI-CM-Startup (314.55MB - V5.12 - 04/2021)

HFICM_CANopen.EDS (0.08MB - - 07/2021)

HFICM_EtherCAT.xml (0MB - - 07/2021)

HFICM-Profibus.GSD (0MB - - 07/2021)

HFICM-Profinet.xml (0.01MB - - 07/2021)


The computer software HMM Start-Up (HYDAC Frequency Inverter - Motor Mounted) is very user-friendly due to its intuitive interface and thus forms a perfect interface to your drive system from HYDAC KineSys.

With the help of the software, the electromechanical or hydraulic system is parameterized fast and clearly. Using the integrated oscilloscope function, operating and measurement data can be visualized and settings can be checked.

Automatic motor identification, parameter presettings and customer-specific actual value displays automate and shorten the commissioning time for the application.

HMM-Start-Up-3.2-mit-Treiber (8.54MB - V 3.2 - 04/2021)

HFIMM_CANopen.eds (0MB - - 07/2021)

HFIMM_EtherCAT.xml (0MB - - 07/2021)

HFIMM_Profibus.gsd (0MB - - 07/2021)

HFIMM_Profinet.xml (0.01MB - - 07/2021)

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