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FluidMonitoring Software FluMoS light

FluMoS Light fluid monitoring software is a software package for importing, displaying and processing data from HYDAC fluid sensors. 3 sensors can be connected at the same time!


FluMoS Light can be used in conjunction with the latest generation of HSI interface sensors (CS 1000, FCU 1000, MCS 1000, AS 1000, FMM, HYDACLab®) and the sensors without HSI interface (CS 2000, FCU 2000, FCU 8000).


The FluMoS Light software is used to

  • Online display of measured values on the PC in table and graphic formats
  • Storage of log files on hard disk
  • Display of log files from hard disk/diskette and storage as graphic file
  • Processing of stored log files with Microsoft Excel



  • Remote monitoring of values measured by sensors
  • Condition-based maintenance planning (19.13MB - 1.50-R14 - 09/2021)

FluidMonitoring Software FluMoS mobile

HYDAC FluMoS Mobile for Android – Your Access to HYDAC´s FluidControl Units

Get your fluid condition monitoring measurement data on your Android device!
FluMoS Mobile is a tool for displaying and downloading measurement data from the FluidControl Unit FCU 1000 and the SensorMonitoring Unit SMU 1200 to your Android device.

FluMoS Mobile Features (Version 1.10)

  • Displays current measurement values (solid particle contamination, water saturation and temperature) of your FluidControl Unit FCU 1000 in table format
  • Displays measurement value progress (solid particle contamination, water saturation and temperature) of your FluidControl Unit FCU 1000 in graphic format (one graphic per measurement channel)
  • Selective download of log files in .dat format from the internal memory of the FCU 1000 or SMU 1200 to your Android device
  • Online storage of measurement data on your Android device
    [possible with successor version]

You can easily forward the .dat files per e-mail to other devices such as a PC.
The files can then be processed in FluMoS.

Function modules & programming aid ContaminationSensor CS 1000

We are offering the programming aid shown below to enable integration of the Contamination Sensor CS 1000 into Siemens Controls S7-300 / S7-400. It is available free-of-charge as a download.

It consists of the function modules and programming instructions. (3.38MB - 2.00 - 11/2012) (1.13MB - 2.00 - 11/2012)

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