Systems Engineering

EHCD Control Modules — Parameter Configuration Software

Our configuration software makes configuring the parameter settings of our digital control modules fast and easy.

Key features in brief:

  • Table-oriented input of parameter settings
  • Saving and loading of parameter sets
  • Monitor for displaying process data
  • 4-channel oscilloscope function with data saving
  • REMOTE CONTROL feature
  • Universal for all our digital EHCD control modules

The available parameters are loaded when the connected module is identified and are visualized in the parameter table.

The export function enables parameter sets to be exported from a computer to the module.

Offline operation enables the user to edit parameter sets on a computer and save them, also when no module is connected.

The monitor function enables process variables like digital inputs and outputs to be displayed in accordance with the module currently connected.

The integrated REMOTE CONTROL feature enables the control module to be controlled directly and the actuator to be operated without any higher-level control being required.

The configuration software will run on all Windows machines on which Windows 2000/XP/7/10 is installed. (4.39MB - - 05/2018)

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