Life Cycle Cost Management by HYDAC Condition Monitoring.

Condition Monitoring is the Data acquisition and Interpretation of data from machines, systems and their components, with the aim of conducting predictive maintenance programs based on the system condition.

The term Life Cycle Cost (LCC) describes the holistic cost analysis of a system cycle or machine cycle from acquisition to decommissioning.

The goal of reducing costs is the future focus of machine manufacturers and end users. A promising and efficient solution to reduce the LCC arises from applying modern Condition Monitoring systems to fluid power equipment.

When high-technology production systems are operated at the limit of their load capacity, this could result in both an increased vulnerability to malfunctions on the part of the machines and considerable costs. Forward-looking and intelligent maintenance with the aid of condition monitoring is therefore of decisive importance.

An essential unique selling proposition of Hydac is represented by the wide-ranging program of sensors for the acquisition of process data (pressure, temperature, flow rate, ...) on the one hand and the fluid data (oil condition, contamination, water content,... ) on the other. Similar to the diagnostics performed by a physician, the combined evaluation of the process data (load situation of the machine) and the fluid data (fingerprint of the fluid) enables a remarkably expanded diagnostics depth which goes far beyond conventional threshold monitoring. Additional added value is generated if, in addition, the machine data available from the systems operator, e.g. Start/Stop trigger, cycle times, energy consumption, etc. is incorporated into the data analysis.

To reach this goal HYDAC offers an extensive product program of components and systems as well as application specific service activities. It includes solutions for all areas of condition monitoring systems:

Data acquisition, Interpretation, Controlling and monitoring

This approach is suitable for the operator, service provider, maintenance engineer and the serial customers.