Integration concept

Data acquisition

The operation data of the machine or system are measured continuously by a variety of sensors:

  • Process data
    (e.g. pressure, temperature, flow rate, fill level, ...)
  • Fluid data
    (e.g. particulate contamination, water content, viscosity, ...)
  • Machine data
    (e.g. start/stop, cycle time, energy, consumption, errors ...)



The gathered data is analyzed and interpreted together with the customer using HYDAC’s long standing experience in fluid engineering.

The correlation of process, fluid and machine data provides a considerably widened diagnostics depth in comparison to conventional threshold monitoring.

Controlling and monitoring

Finally, the condition information, which has been compressed to a necessary minimum, is communicated to the operator via different communication paths for monitoring and/or controlling purposes.

A corresponding service message or activity is initiated.

Service concept

A wide variety of service concepts for the machine operator or manufacturer can be derived from the condition-oriented monitoring approach outlined above.