(Visualization, Recording, Archiving, Analysis, Algorithms, ...)


When used in conjunction with other sensors, e.g. for pressure, fluid level and temperature, complete condition monitoring is possible.

Of course it must be possible to process and re-process the acquired data in a meaningful way.

Different communication and visualization interfaces, for example via internet and modem connections, make remote maintenance and diagnosis possible.

The constituents of a systematic evaluation strategy of hydraulic equipment are of course also mobile, electronic measurement instruments for monitoring hydraulic systems.

Two completely new models in the HMG series are the HMG 500 and the HMG 3000.

The HMG 500 is a user-friendly diagnostic instrument for recording up to two sensors simultaneously.

The HMG 3000 is a high performance mobile data recording system. Up to 10 sensors can be evaluated simultaneously. It also features a graphical colour display, sensor recognition, comprehensive range of trigger possibilities and maximum memory capacity.

Using additional PC software, measurements can be transferred via USB interface to ensure optimum formatting of measurement graphs.

CMU1000 - Condition Monitoring Unit

  • Real-time capable controller for data evaluation
  • 8 analogue sensor inputs or HSI components
  • Interfaces: RS232, Ethernet (RJ45), ...
  • Switching outputs
  • Parameterization via PC-USB interface
  • Data storage: SRAM, Flash, USB stick


MDE 6070 - Measurement data acquisition

  • Industrial PC
  • 52 signal inputs via single-wire interface or RS 485 (extendable)
  • All industry interfaces
  • Up to 15 plug-in modules (analog and binary, in/outputs: frequency cards, particle count cards, relay cards ...)


FCU 1000 - Fluid Control Unit

  • Portable service unit for temporary measurement of solid particle contamination and water content
  • Integrated pump also enables connection to depressurized containers
  • Internal data storage and PC communication
  • Fluids up to 350mm²/s