Double Piston Accumulator

Innovative hydraulic accumulator for hydraulic hybrid drives

HYDAC Double Piston Accumulators (DKS-System) are hydro-pneumatic accumulators.  They exploit the full potential of high-pressure accumulators. With their enormous power density and the advantages of their construction, they are best choice for hydraulic hybrid propulsion. 

The strength of hydraulic hybrid systems therefore lies in the power density, meaning the characteristic of being able to implement quantities of energy within very short intervals of time. 
This is a robust, tried and tested drive technology.

In opposite to standard piston accumulators, the HYDAC double piston accumulators have the following advantages:

  • Exhaustion of the full potential for accumulation and performance
  • Perfect energy balance
  • Compact design
  • Low weight
  • The pressure on the suction side of hydrostats remains constant
  • Ideal suction conditions on the displacement unit

Due to the permanent coupling of the high pressure and low pressure chambers, only one side of the accumulator needs to be monitored with reference to the filling level or the piston stroke. This makes the oil management or feed after volumetric losses far easier.

The HYDAC pouble piston accumulators guarantee optimum suction conditions on hydraulic hybrid system motor-pump units as, in contrast to conventional high pressure - low pressure systems, the pressure on the suction side remains constant. This means that no additional feed pumps are required.

Double piston accumulators increase the energy capacity and the implementable performance in comparison to conventional high pressure - low pressure accumulator systems. 

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