AutoFilt® Control Unit

New generation of control for automatic back-flushing filters

Focus on intuitive operation and connectivity

The combination of functionality and ease of handling were key considerations in the development of a new control generation for our automatic back-flushing filters.

The conversion from the previous PCB controller to the new AutoFilt® Control Unit (ACU) for the EPT (electro-pneumatic cycle control) and EU (electrical circulation control) filter types puts the user in charge. Thanks to the clearly arranged touchscreen, the user can constantly see at a glance the current operating condition of the filter. The symbols used in the display are self-explanatory and correspond to current international standards and colour codes. Besides other basic features such as language selection, connectivity is especially important.

The controls are designed to ensure open connectivity to all customer interfaces thus taking into consideration the increasing requirements with regard to advancing computerisation in industrial engineering and the demand for seamless communication in production.

In combination with the tried and tested technology of our back-flushing filters, system operators have the best of equipment to meet the demands made of modern filtration solutions. 

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