Open Center directional control valve with 1-10 sections in 3/4". Rated flow 120 l/min and max. operating pressure 350 bar. Sections with possibility for secondary valves, floating (4th spool position) etc. Spools optimized for different applications. Manually, hydraulically and pneumatic spool controls.
Pump types and performance
Fixed pump yes
Variable pump -
Qmax pump 70
Qmax work ports 70
pmax pump 210
Valve type Monobloc
Sections max. 4
Spool control
Open spool end yes
Hand lever yes
Pneumatic yes
Electro-Pneumatic yes
Hydraulic yes
Electro-Hydraulic -
CAN Bus -
Work ports G1/2
Example applications Outrigger in mobile working machines and Loading Cranes
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