Cooling lubricant system

Filtration and servicing retain the quality of your cooling lubricant and therefore secure you high output quotas, the required dimension accuracy and surface quality of your products and high lifetimes and availabilities for your tools and systems.

Benefit from our experience and the comprehensive HYDAC product range for optimized solutions in decentralized and central processing.

HYDAC delivers components and system solutions which are characterized by reliability, low space requirements, long lifetimes and economic efficiency.

Central cooling lubricant

Modern production technology with high cutting speeds and quantities require high reliability and ease of maintenance. HYDAC secures their production results through the consistent quality of fluids due to reliable filter and cooling systems. HYDAC filter systems are used as protection filters after the central system, or as working filters. This extends fluid lifetimes and reduces revision work as well as decreasing system failures and reject quantities.

Decentralized cooling lubricant

HYDAC return and cartridge filters secure the lifetime of cooling lubricant systems with high efficiency. Failures on rotary feedthroughs, pumps and tools are minimized due to the consistently high fluid quality.

High pressure stations

HYDAC high pressure stations provide the required pressure and fluid quantities reliably. The high pressure pump is protected via the automatic back-flushing filter.

Cooling oil / cutting oil

Cooling oil systems are hydraulic systems which have to be particularly well-protected against contamination and water ingress.