Industrial trucks

From the components to the system, whether hydraulics, electronics or mechanics, providing you with the best solution is our challenge.

  • Comprehensive machine know-how
  • Increases in performance through integrated, holistic systems
  • Enhancement of availability through the reduction of interfaces   
  • Increases in comfort through the reduction of oscillations, vibrations and noise
  • Active co-operation in close development partnerships
  • Worldwide technical and commercial support through our global presence
    and local expertise

Sensors, system electronics and Condition Monitoring

Application-specific sensors:

  • IP 67 K
  • Vibration-resistance through molded components
  • All standard connections available
  • Pressure and temperature
  • Filling level and flow rate measuring device for recording operating data.
    Application-specific control and regulation electronics, for example proportional amplifiers. For preventative fluid servicing and increased operating safety
  • Signals to customer-specific software or external handheld measuring devices
  • Oil condition
  • Particle contamination and humidity

Accumulator technology

Storage of all functional principles for every application:

  • Damping of pressure peaks
  • Weight equalization
  • For the storage of energy for emergency supply
  • Control oil supply

Cooling systems

High-power and installation-optimized cooling systems are available for fulfillment of the legal requirements for noise, emissions (EURO 4, TIER 3) and savings in fuel.

  • Integrated thermo-bypass valves
  • Electric / hydraulic ventilation drives with proportional speed control
  • Oil / air cooler
  • Multiple combination cooling systems
  • Tank-filter integration

Subsystems and components for the hydraulic system

  • System control blocks for the lifting mast hydraulics, with and without load sensing, for optimum power utilization when lifting and lowering. Vehicle-specific and loss-reduced design and individual equipment with valves, filters, accumulators, sensors and test points.
  • Control blocks for supply of the control oil circuit with electronically-controlled accumulator charging function secure system availability should the pump fail.
  • Compact units equipped and tested as complete systems for best-possible utilization even in cramped installation space conditions as installation-friendly "Plug and Play" system.
  • Electroproportional valves with adapted characteristic curves guarantee user-friendly interaction of all functions.

Tank-filter solutions

Complete systems ready for installation, optimized with reference to component protection, system cleanliness and ventilation.

Filtration solutions

A comprehensive range of hydraulic and ventilation filters, equipped with high-quality filter element materials ensure high operating safety and long maintenance intervals, for example:
Return filtration with return filter RFM

  • as tank-mounted or tank-integrated filter
  • for tank integration (set version) up to 2,000 l/min


Feed circuit filtration with line filter LPF

Pressure oil filtration with line filter MFM

Removal of coarse particles with Inline Filter ILF

Air filtration with ventilation filters BF, ELF, ELFL, BD

  • Broad standard product range
  • Optionally available with duo valve for tank pre-tension
  • Anti-swash protection possible
  • Version with air-drying function


Filter clogging indicators For improvement of operating safety and, if applicable, display of maintenance intervals

Brand labeling to ensure availability of spare parts Marking of the filter elements for improvement of the product identification and to ensure replacement element availability

Cabin suspension

The FDE spring damper element is a standard element for hydropneumatic suspension of the vehicle cabins with adaptive damping and level regulation for full utilization of the spring deflection. The extremely low-friction suspension cylinder especially developed for this application has been designed for loads of up to 300 kg. The system alignment can be carried out to specific customer requirements.


for the completion of hydraulic systems.

  • Standard fittings (high pressure)
  • Manipulation-proof inductive proximity switch (high pressure-resistant)
  • Fluid status checks
  • Temperature switch TSE
  • Standard clamp 3015
  • Air/water tank mounting straps
  • 'Testpoint' connections
  • Quick release couplings