Analysis, selection, integration: find the optimum position sensor technology for your mobile machine Your way to implementing effective sensor solutions and assistance functions

As the eyes of mobile machines, position sensors make a valuable contribution to automation. This is because they provide the control system with feedback on how a machine part or the machine is oriented in relation to its surroundings. Only a broad sensor product range with the three established technologies for linear position, angle and inclination enables the optimum solution for every machine type and movement, however. The ideal combination of sensors is complex – making it all the more important to have a partner with consulting expertise who can provide you with comprehensive support in analysing, selecting and integrating the right sensors and solutions. HYDAC provides you with many years of expertise in all three technologies as well as integration expertise. Discover our product range now and download further information.

We help you to select technology with well-founded analysis methods

Whether it's a construction machine, agricultural machine or forestry machine – a custom position detection system enables precise positioning and allows work processes to be designed efficiently and safely. We rely on three established technologies for linear position, angle and inclination detection and provide you with comprehensive support in the development an optimal position sensor solution.

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Simplified operation for your machine's optimum productivity

Are you looking for sensors that are easy to integrate, safe and, above all, precise, and still can't find the best possible solution for your requirements? Different machine types and complex factors such as integration, dynamics and sensor performance place increased demands on position detection. This makes it all the more relevant to take a close look at the technical solution and the optimum combination of position sensors to achieve the best possible performance for your mobile machine.

Our solutionHYDAC offers the right sensor system for every machine function

There is no general answer as to which sensor is best suited for detecting a specific segment position. This is because the optimum combination of position sensors depends on a wide range of factors, including mechanical integration, the available installation space, the dynamics and the respective costs.

Taking into account the various criteria, we provide you with comprehensive support in developing the right sensors and the optimum solution for your machine type. By analysing your specific machine, our experts develop a proposed solution based on the three most relevant sensor methods for position detection: linear position, angle and inclination. All our position sensors are available for integration in standard or functionally safe versions up to PL d / SIL 2.

If optimum position detection is combined with HYDAC solutions for hydraulics, control technology and software, assistance functions for your machine's automated work steps and monitoring can also be achieved in an efficient way.

Our product range Learn about our solutions for position sensor technology in more detail

Detect linear movements with HYDAC linear position sensors

The cylinder-integrated linear position sensors from HYDAC enable a very mechanically robust sensor system that is ideal for detecting linear movements. Our linear position sensors are characterised by their highly dynamic behaviour and high accuracy. Different measuring lengths and designs offer the possibility of integrating the sensors into small and large cylinders.

More information on linear position sensors

Detect rotational movements with HYDAC angle sensors

HYDAC angle sensors directly detect the angle difference between two segments in a kinematic chain. The simple signal processing enables straightforward integration into the machine control system. All HYDAC angle sensors use a non-contact measuring method, which means that they are wear-free.

More information on angle sensors

Detect levelling and multidimensional positions with HYDAC inclination sensors

Acceleration-based inclination sensors from HYDAC are ideal for levelling machines or machine parts. Benefit from the simple, mechanical integration, especially when it comes to retrofitting. Our HYDAC inclination sensors also offer the option of recording angular velocities in order to visualise dynamic movements. The effects of movements on the inclination signal is compensated for by an internal sensor signal fusion.

More information on inclination sensors

Your advantages

Development partner icon: HYDAC offers analysis/consulting expertise for the right sensor solution

A perfect fit for your specific machine type

With HYDAC's analysis and consulting expertise combined with the three established technologies, we're able to develop the most efficient and reliable solution for your position detection.

Robust icon: For a robust integration, we offer position sensors in various designs

Robust mechanical integration

For a robust integration that is customised to the machine design, we offer sensors with different designs, e.g. for integration into pivot bolts. This means that your components function without restrictions even in harsh environmental conditions.

Product range icon: HYDAC offers a wide range of hydraulics, control technology and software

Integrated into holistic systems

Take advantage of our broad complete range of hydraulics, control technology and software solutions to develop your integrated system solution.

Optimise your machine platform with HYDAC assistance systems

Assistance functions make your work more intuitive, more precise and, above all, safer. HYDAC is able to supply you with the optimum system architecture for your mobile machine's assistance systems. Read more.

Discover intelligent assistance systems

Get advice when selecting your HYDAC position sensor technology

Are you looking for a position detection solution for your mobile machine? Then talk to us about your project.

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