HYDAC Tool Manage­ment: For Simple & Flexible Attachment Management Discover HYDAC system solutions for multi-functional equipment carriers now

The supply and protection of hydraulically driven tools and attachments doesn't just differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. It also varies from model to model. The control for the quick-change system also needs to be individually tailored to the type and size used. HYDAC offers you a flexible solution for your tool management: from control valves for flexible additional circuit configurations and custom pressure protection in combination with a separate tank return to controls for quick-change systems. Multifunctionality in focus: read more about what that looks like here.

HYDAC Systems Lay the Foundation for Managing your Attachments

One machine, many possibilities: optimise your mobile machine too with HYDAC hydraulic systems for attachments and additional circuits. Discover our solutions now.

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Safe, Energy-Efficient, User-Friendly: Does your Equipment Carrier meet these Requirements?

Reduce Complexity, Installation Space and Costs

Mobile machines are used for a range of different functions. Additional hydraulic circuits for different configurations often require high flow rates and therefore large valves and control blocks. Factors that take up valuable installation space and weight. This makes lighter, smaller and low-loss solutions for tool management all the more important.

Standardised yet Flexible

Mobile machines have many uses. But a variety of configuration options lead to a high number of valve variants. This makes the need for standardised and variable systems which flexibly adapt to the machine parameters in a user-friendly even greater. Rely on clever systems that make managing your attachments as convenient and flexible as possible.

Our Solution: Custom Pressure Protection in a Compact DesignReap the benefits of our systems and components for handling your attachments

Proportional pressure control for additional circuits with the HYDAC Auxiliary Relief Manifold  
Extremely low valve leakage and a large range of functions: our control block for custom pressure protection for two tool connections offers the optimal solution for your requirements. This means that you get a system which has a wide range of control options despite its standardised design.  
The highlight: a proportional pressure relief valve optimised for the application in a failsafe version. Low leakage and a low cycle delta p enable energy-efficient and safe operation of attachments. The cylinders for the attachments are held in position and oil flowing back is guided to the tank with a low amount of loss. This means that attachments which react sensitively to back pressures (such as hydraulic hammers) are also protected.

Functions that you can rely on:

  • Proportional pressure protection up to 420 bar with a falling p-I curve (failsafe) and mechanically-adjustable maximum pressure
  • Leak-tight valve function
  • Nominal size 20 enables flow rates up to 600 l/min
  • If required, separate pilot oil discharge for proportional function independent of discharge pressure  
  • Two proportional valves for custom protection of two Aux ports

A Number of Features Combined in a Compact Control Block: Your Advantages

Flexible configuration possibilities thanks to custom proportional pressure protection

Flexible Configuration Options  

Thanks to custom proportional pressure protection at all tool connections

For secure load holding: HYDAC leakage-free valve technology

Secure Load Holding

Made possible by leakage-free valve technology

You can rely on energy-efficient operation thanks to low flow resistances.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Extremely low flow resistances when the valve is relieved make the use of an additional switching valve superfluous

Other HYDAC Systems and Components for Multi-Functional Equipment Carriers

Hydraulic Controls for Additional Circuits with the HYDAC LCX-6 Load Sensing Valve

Compact and cost-effective: the LCX-6 modular valve system The HYDAC load-sensing valve is extremely well suited to the different types of additional equipment in all kinds of mobile machines, such as excavators or wheel loaders. Control several additional circuits with a lot of flexibility and increase the combination options for your attachments. At the same time, the solution offers you maximum flexibility and easy integration into series production.

Controls for Quick-Change Systems

Low-wear and reliable hydraulic components: rely on a compact  housing design for the operation of various quick-change systems. The HYDAC control block for supplying your quick coupler makes system adaptation simple and flexible. The leakage-optimised control offers you a stronger solenoid system for significantly less sensitivity to contamination.  
Whether it's a cost-effective solution for compact machines or a high-performance control system for large machines with high requirements - with our wide product range, we'll find a tailor-made solution for your machine too. Contact us about your project.

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Reliable Hhydraulic Systems for your Mobile Machine

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