Hydropneumatic suspension systems: increasing your machine's driving performance

Hydropneumatic suspension systems from HYDAC help to compensate for uneven surfaces, reduce vibration loads on drivers and vehicle components and increase driving stability. Adapted to your mobile machine, our suspensions significantly improve driving safety and driving performance. Learn more about the different suspensions systems and their advantages now!

Tailor-made suspension systems for your machineDifferent requirements apply to the suspension depending on the machine and the application

With the help of our tried-and-tested components, we're able to implement custom systems that are tailored to your needs. Talk to our experts about your hydropneumatic suspension!

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The challenges of suspension systems

The demands placed on today's mobile machines are constantly growing, and so are the demands placed on suspension systems. Manufacturers' and customers' wishes and legal requirements also lead to new challenges, with the focus remaining on driving safety, comfort and durability. There are also functions such as load-independent levelling, driving status-dependent driving behaviour, adjustable driving comfort and suspension locking. To reduce wear, machine downtimes and service costs and to protect the increasing number of sensitive electronic components in machines, it's also important to significantly reduce mechanical component loads. Hydropneumatic suspension systems achieve these functions and offer a suitable solution to the aforementioned challenges.

Marc Anton, Product Management Suspension Systems, HYDAC Mobilhydraulik

By decoupling the vibration excitations from the road surface to the vehicle chassis, hydropneumatic suspension systems help to improve driving comfort and driving safety. The customer benefits from this, as the improvement in their machine's driving performance is noticeable in daily use. Our customer satisfaction is our motivation and drives us forward every day.

For increased performance in every driving situationDiscover HYDAC's suspension systems

Axle suspensionFor increased driving stability

Axle suspension systems need to be tailored to the machine and the customer's functional requirements. Both individual axles and systems in which all vehicle axles are fitted with suspension can be implemented. In the latter case, this is referred to as full suspension. To achieve the desired performance setup and an optimum combination of driving safety and driving comfort, we combine the right components for your particular hydropneumatic axle suspension system.

Cab suspensionFor increased driving comfort

Cab suspensions decouple the driver cab from the vehicle chassis and minimise vertical accelerations for the driver. Both partial and full load-bearing hydropneumatic suspensions can be designed to meet specific machine requirements. Depending on the design, cab rolling and pitching movements can also be reduced, which provides additional comfort. With HYDAC suspension struts (FDE), we offer you a system solution that combines suspension cylinders, travel measurement technology, spring accumulators and valve technology in an extremely compact way. This saves installation space and installation costs.

Boom suspensionFor optimum component protection

Hydropneumatic boom suspensions make a significant contribution to improving the driving behaviour and driving comfort of mobile machines with masts. By installing the HYDAC hoisting gear stabilisation units (HSE), vehicle chassis excitations caused by uneven ground are decoupled from the hoisting gear during driving. For this purpose, the piston chamber(s) of the lifting cylinder(s) is (are) connected to the HSE, which combines valve technology and piston accumulators in a compact design. This "hydropneumatic spring" also reduces mechanical and hydraulic component loads. Our hydropneumatic boom suspension system is available in various sizes and designs to suit your machine.

Advantages of our hydropneumatic suspension systems Why you should rely on HYDAC suspension systems

HYDAC suspension systems ensure reduced vibration loads and therefore maximum comfort

Maximum comfort

Our suspension systems reduce vibration loads for both the driver and the machine, increasing comfort.

Reduced rolling and pitching movements ensure a high level of driving safety and driving stability

High level of safety & driving stability

Reduced rolling and pitching movements ensure a high level of driving safety and driving stability.

Comfort and driving stability allow faster working speeds

Fast & efficient working

Comfort and driving stability allow faster working speeds, which significantly improves productivity while maintaining a high level of safety.

We support you from the early planning stages to series production.Whether it's cab, boom or axle suspension – we work with you to find your optimum suspension solution.

Discover the benefits of our hydraulic expertise and the high integrity of our space-optimised components.

Our application-specific expertise in the field of mobile machinery enables us to take a holistic view of your vehicle and optimally adapt our systems to your working conditions.

Whether it's a component or system – we work with you to find the right solution.

Your expert in hydropneumatic suspension systems

Are you looking for the optimum suspension system for greater driving stability, driving safety and increased productivity for your mobile machines? We'll be happy to help you.

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