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Net zero: how can we reach it?Alternative fuels and drives are the solution

On the high seas, it's not just a matter of making quick progress. Preserving our environment is important too. This is why more and more shipping companies are using alternative drives to minimise their environmental impact. At HYDAC, we support our customers in their transition to alternative drive forms. Our high-quality and reliable components are specially developed for the requirements in the modern shipbuilding industry.

How to reach net zero: watch our Maritime Tech Talks

Benjamin Herrling, Project Manager in Technical Sales at HYDAC Process Technology

Not every alternative fuel is available to the shipping industry without restrictions at this moment in time. This means that exhaust gas aftertreatment systems are still extremely important for the market. They also have other positive aspects, such as the reduction of particulate matter pollution and acid rain.

Lubrication oil treatment – how to do it right2than with separators

Separators are often the standard for treating lubrication oils, but the high energy requirements and the separated lubrication oil (sludge) pollutes the environment. We have a better solution: the HYDAC Simplex filter. Switch off your lubrication oil separators and save precious fuel. All that's needed is a simple retrofit. Further advantages: low installation costs, short payback period (ROI < 6 months), no energy requirements, no oil loss and less CO2. At the same time, you can make annual savings of several thousand euros compared to separator technology. Still not convinced? In the video, our expert Klaus Hüffelmann explains how HYDAC can help you with decarbonisation.

How you can save thousands of euros with the right filtration.

Klaus Hüffelmann, Sales Manager at HYDAC Marine Diesel Power

Compared to a classic separator, you can save over 35 tonnes of CO2and over 1 tonne of NOxevery year. This reduces your expenditure many times over as you no longer lose oil. This means that the installation of the new filter is quickly paid for. The RF9 pays for itself in less than 6 months, making it an attractive choice for new installations as well as retrofits.

Our products for alternative fuels & drives How you can reach net zero in the shipping industry

HYDAC automatic filters for process water treatment

The separation of solids from the exhaust gas washing water is of particular importance in decarbonisation, as it leads to efficiency gains throughout the process as well as protecting downstream components. Our automatic back-flushing filters work independently – we also offer suitable solutions for amine filtration.

More information on HYDAC automatic filters

HYDAC inline filters & automatic filters for gaseous & liquid fuels

Contamination particles in liquid and gaseous marine fuels contaminate injection systems and engines, impairing their performance. While our automatic filters are ideal for biofuel and ignition oil filtration, our gas filters in the particularly robust double & block bleed design are used for fuels such as methanol. At the heart of our filters are our cleanable Chemicron®depth filter materials with a particularly large filter surface and absolute retention rates of 99.5 %.

More information on HYDAC gas filters

HYDAC inline filters & automatic filters for lubrication oil systems

Operating costs, CO2savings and easy maintenance are also becoming increasingly important on board ships. A simple way to save operating materials and ultimately fuel and CO2, HYDAC inline filters from the LMDP-T series are able to replace existing lubrication oil separators. The automatic filter and lubrication oil maintenance system are installed right next to each other in a particularly compact combination and are an ideal replacement for lubrication oil separators in new systems.

More information on HYDAC inline filters

HYDAC fuel filters for ultra-fine filtration

Engines with high-performance injection systems are used as part of decarbonisation strategies. Sufficient fuel quality is essential to ensure that they work reliably and for a long time. Our duplex inline filters are ideal for high-speed and medium-speed engines. They feature continuous filter operation during the cleaning phase. The filter elements are even suitable for high cleanliness class requirements.

HYDAC fuel filters with a water separator

In addition to filtration, dewatering the fuel also plays a major role. Only a water-free fuel can guarantee a long service life for the injection system. For this purpose, we have various inline filters in our range which, in addition to filtration, also enable high-quality water separation. This water separation is achieved with the HYDAC PreCare filter elements with multi-stage separation. The solution makes water separation possible even with contaminated filter elements.

HYDAC fuel filter module

Our fuel filter module meets the highest cleanliness requirements in shipbuilding. The efficient solution leads to less injector wear, reduces your costs in the long term and increases the service life of your engines. All of this has a positive impact on CO2emissions and supports you on your journey to net zero.

HYDAC metal bellows accumulators in stainless steel

Alternative fuels, such as methanol or ammonia, have special safety requirements. That's why we also manufacture metal bellows accumulators in a stainless steel version, so that you don't have to compromise when it comes to safety in shipbuilding.

More information on HYDAC metal bellows accumulators

Our products for electric motors & drives with fuel cells Net zero shipbuilding with HYDAC

HYDAC DI mixing unit for direct methanol fuel cells

For the DI mixing unit for a direct methanol fuel cell to work with the best efficiency, an exact mixture of DI water and methanol is required.

  • Filter: protects components
  • Heat exchanger: balances temperatures
  • Sensors: measures the pure substances and the mixture
  • Diaphragm accumulator: provides overrun

HYDAC pressure transmitters for hydrogen applications

Our pressure transmitter has been specially developed for maximum safety in hydrogen applications. In terms of the ignition protection types, an “intrinsically safe” and “non-sparking” version with a double ATEX and IECExc approval has been achieved. The ignition protection type “flameproof enclosure” combines ATEX, IECEx and even cCSAus approval. A SIL2 version for applications with increased functional safety is available as an option.

HYDAC electric motors

Whether it's a direct drive, sterndrive or saildrive – we offer 48 - 800 V motors, with our 260 W series proving particularly popular for taxi boats and tourist boats. With this series, speeds of 55 knots have already been reached. We also offer water-cooled 205 W motors for small boats.

HYDAC control unit TTC 580, H-bridge modules & displays

In electric ship drives, the HYDAC control unit with an H-bridge module provides proportional control for the electric motors. Your advantages: extremely high image quality, low reflections, high colour saturation and optimal readability, even under the most unfavourable lighting conditions.

Your advantages with HYDAC The fastest way to net zero

<sub>2</sub>footprint – fewer emissions thanks to efficient exhaust gas aftertreatment and filtration

Reduced CO2emissions

HYDAC helps you to decarbonise the shipping industry. We support you with efficient exhaust gas aftertreatment in existing ship technologies and alternative fuel filtration. We are constantly expanding our range, especially when it comes to applications in the hydrogen sector and e-mobility sector.

Stopwatch – reach net zero faster with HYDAC solutions.

Time savings

In the Paris Agreement, the majority of countries pledged to reach net zero by 2050. This means that efforts towards decarbonisation need to be intensified. HYDAC already offers many solutions for shipbuilding to provide you with the best possible support on this journey.

Handshake – HYDAC is at your side for custom projects.

Development partnership

Our product range is constantly being expanded to meet the new requirements in shipbuilding. Are you planning a new project? Simply get in touch with us – we'll be on hand to help you with our many years of expertise.

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