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High power densities, narrow tolerances, the use of sensitive materials and high production speeds are constantly increasing the requirements placed on the manufacturing industry. There is an increasing focus on technical cleanliness in topics relating to our present and future such as e-mobility, battery / hybrid systems and hydrogen. With the best possible cleanliness management, you can optimise your process results and the availability of your machines and fluid power systems. This allows you to reduce your costs in the long term.

We're a partner for highly automated production techniques and contributor to VDA Volume 19 / ISO 16232. From filtration and quality assurance in cleanliness labs to targeted process analysis. We support you with your cleanliness management across your entire process chain.

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Component Cleanliness

Malfunctions, complaints or complete system shutdowns – contaminated components can make your costs skyrocket. As quality standards become stricter and stricter, expectations for the cleanliness and quality of your components are rising rapidly. To ensure that your processes always remain reliable, we're on hand to help with our range of products and services.

Component Cleanliness for your Technical Cleanliness

Residual contamination analysis

We determine the cleanliness of your components in our cleanliness laboratories or with our mobile lab on-site: experienced and trained laboratory staff enable component cleanliness tests to be performed professionally and in accordance with existing standards (ISO 16232, VDA 19.1, customer specifications). On request, we are also able to provide SEM/EDX analysis.

Cleanliness specifications

A written cleanliness specification for components or assemblies aids the dialogue with the supplier. With our experience and successful projects, you can count on our expertise. As a partner, we're happy to help you develop your own cleanliness specifications and/or support you in discussions with your suppliers.

Training in accordance with applicable standards

Challenging and sensitive technology requires properly trained staff! In our modular training sessions, we work on the most important cornerstones of technical cleanliness according to VDA 19.1. Whether it's an in-house training session at your premises, at HYDAC or in an online seminar, we adapt our training to your individual needs.

Process chain analysis

From incoming goods and delivery to your suppliers - we help you to reliably comply with specified cleanliness values. We perform our process chain analysis according to VDA 19.2 on all kinds of production lines. We work in close cooperation with you to develop and prioritise measures which optimise your manufacturing process.

Film contamination

To reach the full potential of your machines and systems and avoid downtimes, film contamination must be reduced to a minimum. We're able to provide you with all-round support thanks to our many years of expertise. Contact us now. We work with you to find ways to reduce the film contamination on your parts.

Flushing rigs

Discover our custom systems which help you to reliably adhere to high cleanliness requirements. We design and develop custom flushing rigs to suit your requirements. Configure your custom flushing rig with us to reduce disruptive particles in components where cleanliness is critical.

Fluid Cleanliness

The cleanliness of your cleaning media and test media plays an important role in helping your system to run smoothly. This is why they need coordinated monitoring and conditioning. Thanks to our many years of expertise in filtration and technical cleanliness, we're able to support you with our specialised lab services and tried-and-tested products.

How to remove oil from your cleaning bath 10x more efficiently – watch the video now

Fluid Cleanliness optimises your Technical Cleanliness

Fluid analysis

Whether it’s on-site or in the lab – our fluid experts can analyse cleaning media and test media from your clean zones. We also specialise in laboratory analysis for hydraulic oils, lubricants, coolants and water.

More information on the HYDAC Fluid Care Portal

HYDAC fluid conditioning devices

70% of all failures in hydraulic systems and lubrication systems are due to contamination of the fluids and components used. Increase your system's fluid quality and boost its profitability with our user-friendly fluid conditioning devices. Discover our products for degassing, dewatering and oil removal.

More information on HYDAC fluid care devices

HYDAC filter housings

Our filter designs are the perfect choice for every challenge. Whether it's managing high contamination loads, machining chip filtration or providing the purest cleaning liquids under the strictest requirements, we're here to support you with custom solutions. HYDAC is your partner for filtration!

More information on HYDAC filter housings

HYDAC filter elements

Steadily increasing requirements for technical cleanliness demand new cleaning techniques and highly efficient filtration systems with consistent, defined filtration performance. Discover our numerous element types.

More information on HYDAC filter elements

On-site Support

As an long-standing expert in technical cleanliness, we're on hand whenever you need help to achieve your cleanliness specification. We can provide rapid and expert advice on your existing potential for optimisation and give you targeted recommendations. As part of this, we support you on-site with our mobile lab which allows samples to be analysed and evaluated straight away.

On-site support for your technical cleanliness

Mobile lab

Save valuable time - our fluid experts can visit you to provide expert advice at locations in Germany and neighbouring areas. In our lab vehicle, component cleanliness can be tested in samples and analysed in accordance with ISO 16232, VDA Volume 19.1 or customer requirements.

Company standards for technical cleanliness

In-house standards for technical cleanliness are vital these days. A company standard defines the applicable standards for technical cleanliness with regard to the environment, employees, logistics and testing. We support you in the development of new standards and advise you on your existing cleanliness standards. Contact us now.

Process evaluation & process chain analysis

Increasing numbers of complaints and abnormalities in components or systems indicate problems in the production process. These require a rapid response. With our expertise, we support your process directly on-site. With our lab vehicle, process analysis becomes much more efficient - book it now.

Fluid optimisation

Want to optimise your coolant system or industrial part washer? We're happy to support you with this with our extensive expertise in fluid technology. From test support to an overall design when acquiring a new system - exploit your system's potential to the full!

Laboratory Design & Equipment

From professional training and high-class extraction units to laboratory design: as a specialist in the technical cleanliness sector, HYDAC provides expert support in setting up and operating your own laboratory. We're your partner for optimised laboratory design and equipment.

Laboratory Design & Equipment for optimising your Technical Cleanliness

HYDAC extraction units

Do you need help in finding the cause of disruptive particles and reducing them? For quick and simple analysis, our extraction units are the ideal choice. We offer units for different sized components and various modular systems for maximum flexibility.

More information on HYDAC extraction units

Training in accordance with VDA 19.1 for HYDAC devices

You can only reach your lab's full potential with qualified staff. We train you on the common analysis methods on the extraction equipment so that blank values, extraction curves and analysis results can be reproduced in a way that can be validated. Find out about our training programme tailored to VDA 19.1 / ISO 16232.

Support in setting up & operating a cleanliness laboratory

Operating and setting up a cleanliness laboratory comes with many challenges. We'll support you throughout the entire process and be on hand to help with our many years of expertise. We're happy to support you with ongoing operations or even when designing a new laboratory.

Service & maintenance of HYDAC laboratory equipment

To ensure that your HYDAC laboratory equipment remains in operation for a long time, coordinated service and maintenance management is necessary. For this purpose, HYDAC provides you with qualified staff - we take care of the HYDAC laboratory equipment, whether it's for regular maintenance or in the case of malfunctions.

Measurement & Monitoring Technology

The advances in process visualisation as part of Industry 4.0 allow product quality to be assured at all times. The cleanliness of the parts produced can also be constantly monitored. For online bath and filter monitoring, we supply an extensive range of smart sensor technologies and digital solutions. Technical cleanliness 4.0 – with HYDAC, you can always keep an eye on the cleanliness of your parts and media.

Measurement & Monitoring Technology for your Technical Cleanliness

HYDAC Sensors

The use of sensors plays a major role in the successful implementation of digitalisation projects. For this, HYDAC supplies a broad range of different sensors for the measurement of contamination, oil condition, pressure, temperature, linear position, position and rotational speed, as well fluid levels and flow rates. Many of these sensors are available with an IO-Link interface and enable a wide range of diagnostic options.

More information on HYDAC sensors

HYDAC Industry 4.0

Are you facing a wide range of challenges? – Find your Industry 4.0 solution with HYDAC Industry 4.0 offers you new approaches and opportunities which both increase your efficiency and generate business.

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Technical Cleanliness

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