Air purifier, coronavirus: the LEKF from HYDAC The reliable solution for COVID-19 and other viruses

The air purifier LEKF from HYDAC, effective against coronavirus and other viruses, can reliably filter out aerosols – ideal for school, office, doctor’s practice, gym or industry. Find out more!

Why it makes sense to use air purifiers

The coronavirus pandemic has made the purification of air in enclosed spaces more relevant than ever before, but effective air purification makes sense even during a “normal flu season”. Decentralised air purifiers are offered on the market by various companies for general air purification and in particular to kill viruses, bacteria and germs. Air purifiers can also help to clean indoor air of particles that can trigger allergies, such as fine dust, mites, mould spores and pollen. In air purification, it is essential to avoid hazardous distribution of aerosols and particles in enclosed spaces resulting from turbulence in the indoor air.

How does the LEKF air purifier from HYDAC work?

The LEKF works with a two-stage cleaning process in accordance with established HYDAC Processmicron® element technology and UV-C disinfection, in conjunction with layered or displacement ventilation. Our air purifiers thus convey air in a way that supports the natural air flow processes inside a room to achieve layered/displacement ventilation. This involves the indoor air being taken in through the filter element at the top and conveyed through the UV-C disinfection stage in the bottom of the container. The cleaned and disinfected air flows out at floor level. A CO2 sensor also continuously monitors the current air quality and uses an LED lamp to signal when an air exchange would be useful.

Technical data

Voltage:230–240V/N/PE 50 Hz
Inactivation rate:99.99% of coronaviruses
(feline coronavirus) at levels 1/2/3
Filter element:Processmicron® 100% polypropylene incl. antimicrobial coating
Filter efficiency:>95% of particles 0.3–0.5 µm
Nominal flow:

Level 1 (normal operation) → 270 m³/h
Recommended indoor space: 50–80 m³

Level 2 (booster level/*) → 410 m³/h
Recommended indoor space: 80–130 m³

Level 3 (booster level/*) → 570 m³/h
Recommended indoor space: 110–200 m³

* For rapid indoor air circulation / for industrial workplaces

Dimensions:Height: 1843 mm I diameter: 334 mm
Weight:Approx. 35 kg
Noise level:Approx. 40–60 dB(A) (sound field 1 m)
Ozone load:0.000 ppm (ozone-free)
CO2 Warning:At 1000 ppm and above

Advantages of the LEKF compared with air purifiers with HEPA filters

As it is not necessary to mix the entire volume of indoor air with the intake air when this LEKF air conveying principle is used, the device can manage with significantly lower intake air flows than similar competitor products. A hazardous distribution of aerosols resulting from turbulence in the indoor air is therefore avoided with the LEKF – unlike air purifiers that use mixing ventilation. Air purifiers with HEPA filters also become contaminated quickly, as bacteria and viruses find it easy to reproduce in the warm and humid environment of the filter. The advantage over using air purifiers with HEPA filters is that the LEKF’s filter is exposed to UV-C radiation, which disinfects it automatically. This also means that the filter service life of the HYDAC LEKF is significantly higher than for HEPA filters.

Conventional indoor ventilation 
with turbulent mixing ventilation

HYDAC solution: LEKF
with displacement ventilation strategy

Air disinfection of 99.99% of coronaviruses

Tests of the overall apparatus in the S2 lab of Leipzig University were able to prove that the air purifier LEKF kills up to 99.99% of coronaviruses.

Quote from HYDAC expert for process technology:

“As it is not necessary to mix the entire volume of indoor air with the intake air when this LEKF air conveying principle is used, the device can manage with significantly lower intake air flows than similar competitor products.”

The advantages of the air purifier LEKF at a glance

Reliably removes viruses, bacteria and germs

  • 99.99% inactivation rate for coronaviruses scientifically proven
  • Also removes pollen, fine dust, mites, mould spores and other allergens

Innovative 2-stage ventilation concept

  • Reduces the risk of distributing aerosols inside the room
  • No draughts
  • Low noise level

High cleaning efficiency

  • Optimised overall separation efficiency thanks to integrated pre-filter

Plug and play

  • No costly remodelling needed and straightforward start-up
Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

  • Ozone-free UV-C disinfection

LEKF: The air purifier for school, workplace and industry

The LEKF is suitable for use in public buildings such as schools and nurseries, healthcare facilities and doctor’s practices. Likewise, it is perfect for purifying air in the workplace, for example in (open-plan) offices, canteens, break rooms and meeting rooms, or even in gyms or in retail. As the air outlet is located at floor level, no unpleasant draughts are created. The operating noise level of the air purifier LEKF is similar to that of an average fan. To achieve optimum cleaning performance, it should be placed in the centre of the room or next to groups of tables. In larger spaces or crowded spaces, multiple devices should be combined and distributed evenly throughout the room.

Recommended installation of the LEKF

Meeting room

Waiting room


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