Electromobility: HYDAC opts for technology-neutral solutions In the business segment of electromobility, HYDAC is forging ahead in its development of new components, subsystems and services

The future of mobility is proving to be technology-neutral. HYDAC develops both technologies for you and offers a broad product portfolio of components and systems.

Battery or fuel cell? The future of mobility is proving to be multi-technology compatible.

The effects of the ongoing climate change are becoming increasingly hard to ignore. It is now considered proven that the CO2 released into the atmosphere by human activity is a major contributing factor. While the industry and energy sectors have been making great progress in reducing CO2 emissions for many years, in the traffic sector figures have actually increased in comparison with the reference year 1990. This explains why this area in particular is under intense pressure from the political side, as is evident from the ambitious specifications for the CO2emissions of cars and lorries, for example.

Another factor pushing change is the discussion around fine-dust and nitrogen oxide emissions, with particular criticism aimed at diesel engines in metropolitan areas. This also affects municipal vehicles and construction machines that are to be used in these locations. While it seems highly likely that lorries and compact mobile working machinery will move towards electrification, with energy stored in batteries, the fuel cell accompanied by a hydrogen tank seems the better alternative for high-power applications such as lorries, buses, trains, ships and larger construction machines. As the HYDAC group, we develop both technologies – batteries and fuel cells – both for vehicles and machines and for the corresponding stationary power supply and the charging/refuelling infrastructure.

Fields of application for electromobility

To structure the effects of electromobility on all our markets more effectively, and to enable more targeted development, we have divided up electromobility into the following fields of application: “power supply”, “infrastructure”, “electrified machines and vehicles” and “production equipment”. For all these fields, we supply an extensive product range of components, systems and services, which undergo constant development.

Vision and outlook:
well positioned for the electrified future

HYDAC offers products for many applications in the areas of electromobility. We will continue to support our customers with engineering and work with them to create tailored, all-inclusive solution packages. This will enable us to jointly meet the necessary requirements and save energy, money and a considerable amount of time. With HYDAC you are perfectly equipped for the future of electromobility. 

Power supply, electromobility

HYDAC – your contact for cooling battery storage, fuel cell power plants, electrolysis plants. Find out more

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HYDAC – your partner in charging infrastructure for battery-powered vehicles and hydrogen filling stations for fuel-cell vehicles

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Electric machinery and vehicles

Promising applications with electrifying potential. HYDAC supplies an extensive portfolio of battery systems and energy-efficient working drive units

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Production equipment

High-performance and energy-efficient hydraulic systems. HYDAC can supply hydraulic systems that are both well-established and cutting-edge.

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