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HYDAC’s wide range of products, combined with our expertise in development, production, sales and service, enables the widest range of requirements to be met in the oil industry worldwide.



HYDAC supports its customers to find the most effective solution for the gas industry – from components to complete systems.



HYDAC components for oil and gas systems

HYDAC offers solutions for customer applications in pipeline management such as:

  • Hydraulic valve actuation
  • Chemical injection
  • Pressure damping through bladder and piston accumulators
  • Pipeline flushing for protecting pumps

HYDAC offers solutions for customer applications in subsea systems such as:

  • Christmas trees
  • Control blocks
  • Housing
  • Underwater systems
  • Blow-Out Preventer (BOP)
  • Remote-operation vehicles (ROV)
  • Pipeline flushing

HHYDAC offers solutions for customer applications in topside systems such as:

  • High-pressure units (HPU)
  • Wellhead control panels
  • Workover systems
  • Blowout preventers (BOP)
  • Water injections

HYDAC offers solutions for customer applications in auxiliary systems such as:

  • Oil and gas scrubbing process
  • Condition Monitoring units
  • Chemical injection systems
  • Compressor and gas turbines

Solutions for land applications#Onshore #Oil #Gas

HYDAC supplies a broad range of solutions for customer applications on land, such as blowout preventers, compressors and gas turbines, oil lubrication systems and hydraulic valve actuators. There are also devices for scheduled commissioning of piping, filtration of the water injection and pump systems.


HYDAC onshore products for oil & gas

Back-flushing filter Autofilt® RF3

Back-flushing filters Autofilt® RF3 are responsible for the separation of solids from low-viscosity fluids and are used to protect the flooding pumps.


Fluid Aqua Mobile FAM

Fluid Aqua Mobile FAM is a compact unit for degassing, dewatering and filtration of hydraulic and lubrication oils.


Radial piston pumps BRK

Radial piston pumps BRK are very robust radial devices with high volumetric efficiency, wide speed range and high reliability, even under rough conditions used in drilling rigs and wellhead control panels (WHCP).


Bladder and piston accumulators

Bladder and piston accumulators with electro-hydraulic actuation are suitable for emergency shut-off for gas pipelines.

More information on HYDAC bladder accumulators

More information on HYDAC piston accumulators

Solutions for offshore#Offshore #Oil #Gas

HYDAC supplies a broad range of offshore solutions for customer applications such as water injection filtration, wave compensation, blowout preventers and pipe handling equipment. Mooring systems, pump systems and oil lubricating systems are also available.


HYDAC offshore solutions for oil & gas


The HPU (hydraulic power unit) drives a hydraulic pile hammer for placing foundation piles subsea, for instance for offshore platforms or wind turbines.


Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders can withstand pressures of 400 bar.

More information about HYDAC hydraulic cylinders

QHP bladder accumulators

QHP bladder accumulators are designed and constructed especially for the oil and gas market. Depending on customer requirements, special elastomers, steel materials and connections are available.


QHP piston accumulators

QHP piston accumulators are designed for various oil and gas / offshore applications.


Solutions for subsea#Subsea #Oil #Gas

HYDAC supplies a broad range of subsea solutions for customer applications such as subsea control & accumulator modules, subsea blowout preventers and remotely operated vehicles. Mono ethylene glycol filtration and downhole tools are also available from HYDAC.

HYDAC subsea solutions for oil & gas

Subsea ball valve

The compact temporary subsea ball valve contains a bidirectional underwater ball valve with floating ball for temporary applications and two pins for ROV-operation on both sides. The subsea ball valve is certified by DNV-GL, according to ISO 10423 – performance requirement 1 (PR1).


Sensors for subsea applications

Sensors for subsea applications have pressure transmitters with standard or redundant designs, delta P-pressure transmitters and pressure switches.


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